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Combat Casualties aren’t Always Human

Combat Casualties aren’t Always Human Combat Casualties aren’t Always Human By Maj. John T. Stamm, 908th Airlift Wing / Published May 28, 2021    Continue reading on

It’s Different not Special: The Health and Care of Special Operations Forces

The Military Special Operations Family Collaborative (MSOF) is partnering with the Special Operations Association of America (SOAA) to collaborate in our efforts to address comprehensive health needs, provide relief and care to Operators, Veterans and their families, and motivate top-down change from Capitol Hill in

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The third Sealion combatant craft being configured for the Navy’s SEALs is scheduled for delivery this summer, which will bring the craft up to Full Operational Capability, a U.S. Special Operations Command official (SOCOM) said.  Known formally as the Combatant Craft – Heavy (CCH), the


U.S. Special Operations Forces are used to deploying to warzones like Afghanistan and other austere and dangerous regions of the world. Now, some are being sent to innovation hubs in the United States. Gen. Richard Clarke, commander of Special Operations Command, has authorized the deployment

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The 10th Special Forces Group – Airborne Originals are masters of #WinterWarfare fundamentals, maneuvering any obstacle in their path.

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Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School lead mules down a path as part of a long-distance movement during the final phase of field training known as Robin Sage.Robin Sage is the culmination exercise for Soldiers in the Special Forces Qualification Course and has been the

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Go Beyond the Conventional. Go Special Operations Aviation.Night Stalkers Don’t Quit!Text ARSOF to 462-769 and find out NOW!…

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A record-setting cold-weather front provided a prime training opportunity for Green Berets from the 10th Special Forces Group (Airborne) to dive through the sheet of ice covering Townsend Reservoir at the Mountain Post. The Green Berets set out to improve their maritime skills by diving


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