Keynote Speaker

Christopher C Miller

David Beamer

Featured Speaker

We are both pleased and humbled to announce that
David Beamer, the father of Todd Beamer, will be
joining us for this 20th Anniversary special remembrance.

Among the tangle of memories we all have from that day back in September of 2001 the words “let’s roll” are sure to stand out. Those were the last words heard as Todd Beamer, along with the other courageous passengers, stormed the cockpit of United Airlines Flight 93.

Since that infamous day, Beamer’s father, David, has become a passionate advocate for his son and has led the way in educating the public about Flight 93. David captured the essence of that day when he said:
“We’re very proud of Todd and 39 other free people on Flight 93 that day. They had the opportunity to fight back. They did, it was a counter-attack, and it was a victory.”

The passengers on Flight 93, through their heroic actions, prevented the terrorist from reaching Washington DC and inflicting
even more harm upon our nation.


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