He is so much better

“Words cannot express how your program has helped our family. I get sweaty just thinking if we had gone ahead with that brain stuff. He is so much better and as you said he has a long way to go.”

I am off my meds

“Sir, I am off my meds! I gave my primary your name. He cannot believe the changes. I am so happy. Thank you, sir.”

I am his ex-wife

“You have not met me yet, I am his ex-wife. Thank you for what you have done to help him. If he treated like this years ago we would still be married. He wants to date me but I am going to wait until you give the go-ahead as I hear you have cautioned him. The...

A new Service Dog in our lives

“I know our son and the whole family will forever be changed by this amazing opportunity to have a new service dog in our lives. We are eternally grateful to watch our son flourish with the dog’s loving support. We thank you from our entire...

I am 26 days sober

“I have never had one day sober in the past 3 years. I just wanted you to know how heavily I appreciate you. Love the humor. Do you see non-military? I think my Dad needs you.”