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The SOF Support Congressional Fellowship Program is an exceptional resource for not only those who are involved in the military but also for our nation’s government.

Through this program, Congressional Fellows bring a unique set of skills and experiences derived from their military service. As former members of special operations forces, they lend a much-needed perspective to lawmakers through their specialized expertise and life experiences. Members of Congress with military experience peaked in the seventies when at least 70% of both chambers had served in the military. Today that number hovers below 20%.
The SOF Support Congressional Fellowship Program is designed to provide a unique platform for special operations forces members to showcase their talents and demonstrate the value of service by preparing them to engage in meaningful dialogue with congressional representatives. This fellowship program facilitates conversations between various stakeholders, ranging from policymakers to military veterans, enabling fellows to actively participate in direct discussions and provide nuanced solutions to complex problems. By facilitating effective communication between these parties, the Congressional Fellowship Program works towards advancing a more representative form of government that is reflective of all Americans.

The SOF Support Congressional Fellowship Program goes beyond providing opportunities to former SOF personnel–it offers a chance for members of Congress to understand military perspectives first-hand and make decisions based on factual data instead of assumptions or stereotypes. Fellows will have the opportunity to directly influence legislation and advance our country’s national security interests.

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May 01, 2024

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