Management of Sleep Disturbances Following Concussion/Mild TBI Clinical Suite

August 5, 2020

Management of Sleep Disturbances Following Concussion/Mild TBI Clinical Suite

DVBIC updated the Management of Sleep Disturbances following Concussion/Mild TBI: Guidance for Primary Care Management in Deployed and Non-Deployed Settings (Sleep CR). It represents a major revision of the 2014 Sleep CR, and incorporated the new functionality of the Clinical Support Tool. Developed for health care providers, the CR has gone through multiple layers of review, including an expert working group of service-selected subject matter experts and end-users.

Key 2020 Sleep CR updates:

  • An improved concise, step-by-step guide for diagnosis and management of sleep disturbances.
  • Information on more types of relevant sleep disturbances following concussion — including restless legs syndrome, insufficient sleep syndrome, and parasomnias.
  • Increased practicality with dosing recommendations for medicines and specialty referral timelines where applicable.
  • Recommendations aligned with the newly published 2019 DoD/VA Chronic Insomnia and Obstructive Sleep Apnea Clinical Practice Guidelines and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.
  • An updated patient fact sheet, which includes healthy sleep practices as well as stimulus control and relaxation strategies for insomnia.

Suite Details

PRODUCT Overview
Clinical Recommendation A comprehensive step-by-step guide to aid the primary care manager in the diagnosis and management of sleep disturbances.
Healthy Sleep Fact Sheet Double-sided patient handout that includes information on stimulus control, sleep hygiene, progressive muscle relaxation and multimedia resources.
Acknowledgements and References Documentation of acknowledgements and the resources used to update the clinical recommendation.