SOF Mission

Our Mission is to help ensure American Special Operations Forces and their Families receive the support they need to effectively carry out their operations, keep their families intact, and lead a healthy and productive life after they have left our nation’s service.

Special Operations require unique modes of employment, tactics, techniques, and equipment. They are often conducted in hostile, denied, or politically and/or diplomatically sensitive environments. As a result, SOF’s needs both on and off the battlefield are often unique. SOF SUPPORT’s goal is to give those needs visibility, and to promote a better public understanding of the key underlying issues:

  • Judicious use of SOF’s unique capabilities to achieve national security objectives.
  •  Existence of clear Authorities and Titles in complex operating environments and emerging Gray Zones.
  • SOF’s role within DOD, Joint, Intergovernmental, Interagency, and Multinational Operations.
  • Tailored, relevant, and effective programs to support the Preservation of the Force and Family.
  • Defined Human Performance Programs with appropriate funding and safeguards.
  • Flexible, time sensitive contracting and acquisition capabilities with rigorous benefit analysis to protect taxpayer value.
  • “Humans are more important than Hardware”. SOF’s unique promotion and retention structure.”