“Thank you, Sir. I apologize for resisting those first sessions. Now I get it and I am very thankful.”


SOF Support offers a variety of discrete support services to Special Operators and their families, all provided free of charge thanks to our generous donors.

I am no longer self-medicating

“I am thanking you because my emotional well-being and my mental health have turned around and I am no longer self-medication. You are the best sir. Your methods work especially the intensive sessions.”

Able to identify my triggers of anger

“You have helped me so much. My marriage is much better, and I have been able to identify and dilute those triggers of my anger just as you said to do. It works. Thank you again, Sir.”

My childhood affected how I behave

“I cannot tell what a difference it has made in my life and career has been in treatment with you Sir. I realize now what happened in my childhood did affect how I used to behave and think and feel so positively now.”

Grateful for all the support

“Sir, I am grateful to you for all the support you have given me. Thank you.”

Completely sober and managing my depression

“Sir, we both want to thank you for your long hours and honesty with us. I am proud to say that I am completely sober and utilizing the tools you have provided to manage my depression. I have also reduced the meds with the permission of my primary.”

Thankful every day that we connected

“Your insight has guided me through some very tough times last year and without your help, I am not sure I would be where I am today. You’re truly a blessing and I’m thankful every day that we connected. Happy new year!”

My family life has improved

“I wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me. Because of you, I feel like my family life has improved beyond what words can explain, and my mental health is more stable than it’s ever been.”

Thank you for an amazing week

“We are back on track in the marriage! The attention you gave us and your availability has been extremely helpful. See you next month.”

I feel the best I have ever felt in years

“Sir, I saw my doctor and he can not believe the change in me. He was surprised at how much you taught me about the opioids the medic gave me. I explained that I had a week of intensive therapy course and was ready to stop the Vicodin. I feel the best I have ever felt in years! I am sending your info to a buddy. We were deployed twice together. He is in bad shape. Please help him. Is it free for him, too? “

We both are extremely grateful

“Thank you for your work with us this weekend. It was a long flight but we got home safely. It was worth it! We have seen many therapists, but you are the first one with whom he feels comfortable and believes that you will help him. He had given up on therapy but you have changed that and from the bottom of my heart, thank you!!! “

The therapy has changed him

“Sir, my husband came back from the intensive week with you and is smiling! It has changed him. He apologized to me for all the hurt. He understands how he became addicted to Xanax. He is following the tapering-off program and we believe that this treatment, at no cost to us, is saving our whole family!. He went to our daughter’s basketball game for the first time in years. She cried. Thank you!!!! Do we really not have to pay? “

You gave me the man back I married

“He is off all medications and the hypnotherapy recordings have worked wonders. I can’t tell you what a blessing you are in our lives! For the first time that I can remember he is confident about job interviews and has not drunk since we both saw you last month. He actually listened to you and dumped all the alcohol out of the house! You gave me the man back who I married before his first deployment. “

I was looking for a quick fix

“We gave thanks at our Church today. Our pastor gave a blessing upon your program, Sir. I thought a lot about what you said about going to Peru and the dangers of that ayahuasca treatment. I was looking for a quick fix. Well, I actually booked to go but a buddy was brought back really psychotic. He is not the same. I apologize for being ignorant. I now hear two other guys are in psych. I would like to start the psychotherapy course as soon as you can fit me in. I am writing to say that your knowledge helped me stop three guys from going to Peru.”

Helped me gain clarity

“Sir, you have helped me gain clarity and recalibrate my mental compass in a positive manner. The schedule is flexible and is available at times convenient for me while on active duty.”

My husband never trusts

“My husband never trusts the psychs or the medics. He says they are average and they betray his privacy. Thank you for restoring his faith. He is doing a lot better!”

After what happened to us

“After what happened to us your professionalism and assuring us of confidentiality have motivated my husband to restart treatment. We know how busy you are but would like to start when you can. Our neighbor told us the program has given him his mental health back. Your program appeals to him because it feels real and has no bs and definitely has no brain stimulation. That scared him.”

An invaluable community resource

“Your service is an invaluable resource to our community. Your unique approach to clients’ difficulties offers concrete and pragmatic measures for future action. Additionally, as doctor-patient confidentially does not exist within the military healthcare system, having him available outside the system allows us to have more honest, candid, and productive conversations.”

It is like night and day in our house

“It is like night and day in our house, what did you do to my guy? He came home filled with hope and mowed the lawn, too. You don’t understand what that means to see him actually getting up off the couch.”

Your methods are inspiring

“I am thankful for all you did last week in treating me. Your methods are inspiring and after going to Mexico and doing that psychedelic stuff your program has given me a second chance I never thought I would get. My ex is now allowing me unsupervised visits and it is going fine. Thank you for calling her.”

I cannot believe how much work you did with me over 3 days

“I have seen at least 5 psychiatrists. I was just given more pills each week. When I got injured they pumped me up with more meds. I put on ninety pounds and was really depressed. I say thank you to the people who donate because truly I am a different person!”

I am 26 days sober

“I have never had one day sober in the past 3 years. I just wanted you to know how heavily I appreciate you. Love the humor. Do you see non-military? I think my Dad needs you.”

A new Service Dog in our lives

“I know our son and the whole family will forever be changed by this amazing opportunity to have a new service dog in our lives. We are eternally grateful to watch our son flourish with the dog’s loving support. We thank you from our entire family.”

I am his ex-wife

“You have not met me yet, I am his ex-wife. Thank you for what you have done to help him. If he treated ike this years ago we would still be married. He wants to date me but I am going to wait until you give the go-ahead as I hear you have cautioned him. The kids have discovered a new dad! Thank you!!!”

I am off my meds

“Sir, I am off my meds! I gave my primary your name. He cannot believe the changes. I am so happy. Thank you, sir.”

He is so much better

“Words cannot express how your program has helped our family. I get sweaty just thinking if we had gone ahead with that brain stuff. He is so much better and as you said he has a long way to go.”